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Choose your own business owners

The “Choose your own business owners” plan (Business Succession Insurance)

Looking after your business is just as vital as looking after your personal affairs, if not more. We know that sometimes it might be time for a change, but change can be surprisingly expensive or forced upon you!

Losing a business shareholder is stressful enough without having to worry about money. In the instance that a shareholder can no longer provide value to a business due to an untimely death, or becomes totally and permanently disabled, then buying their shareholding becomes a necessity.

Having a “Choose your own business owners” plan gives you, the active shareholder(s), the financial means to deal with replacing your former shareholder. The “Choose your own business owners” plan is all about making a change easier and much less expensive.

Now you can take the time to find the right business owner or shareholder to invest in your company, without the stress.