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I can’t ever work again plan

The “I can’t ever work again” plan (TPD)

Imagine never having to work again – bliss, right? Not quite. Should you ever suffer a career-changing event that would stop you from not only going back to your current job, but all employment, you would certainly think again about how nice a permanent holiday would be! Conditions such as a major head injury, severe depression, stroke, or loss of limbs could prevent you from returning to work permanently, meaning that all your financial plans suddenly go out the window.

We might all dream of never working again, but usually the dream comes with a house that’s already paid off and spare money to play with. With Total and Permanent Disability protection, you might not quite be living in the lap of luxury, but at least you won’t be out on the streets.

With an “I can’t ever work again” plan* in place, you can get a lump sum payment that provides you with cash to:

  • Ease the pressure of the financial burden
  • Clear your debt, allowing you more flexibility
  • Give you lifestyle choices, such as travelling while you still can
  • Alterations to your house to make it work for you, such as adding wheelchair ramps
  • Employ home help, if needed
  • Help you de-stress, which is not only good for your mental health, but can also significantly aid medical recovery!

*As specified in your policy document