Financial Success Group | I don’t like public waiting lists
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I don’t like public waiting lists

The “I don’t like public waiting lists” plan (Health insurance)

Don’t like long waiting lists? Silly question, does anyone like long waits? If you’re keen to ditch waiting for medical care, then an “I don’t like public waiting lists” plan might be the right option for you. Depending on your plan, this type of cover can include anything from hospital visits only, through to the costs of GPs and dentists (imagine not having to pay every time!) The most value for these types of policies often comes through covering the major costs with insurance, such as private surgical and non-surgical treatment (Hospital Cover). Alternatively, you can add specialists and tests cover.

Although medical treatment is reasonably good in New Zealand in this day and age, no one likes waiting years for treatment. Unfortunately, if your condition isn’t acute, that’s exactly what could happen. Guarantee swift, private treatment without the enormous price tag by sorting out your health insurance before you end up with any pre-existing conditions.

When you’re kicking up your feet at a private hospital, getting treatment for something that may have otherwise taken months or years, you’ll be congratulating yourself happily!