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I need money now plan

The “I need money now” plan (Trauma)

Unless you’ve got a giant room of money to swim in, then it’s entirely likely you would struggle should you suddenly not be able to work and hence, earn an income. (If you do have a room of money, any chance we can come for a visit?).

If you were ever to suffer from a major traumatic condition, such as a heart attack, life threatening cancer, or stroke*, then an “I need money now” plan can make sure you’re not left in the lurch, providing you with the money you need, right away. It’s basically like a real-life way of knocking on wood to protect yourself against the worst!

The one thing all these policies do is help to ensure that you’re not left with an empty wallet at a time when you need it overflowing.

There are some clear benefits of a lump sum payment, giving you cash to:

  • Ease the pressure of the financial burden
  • Clear your debt, allowing you more flexibility, such as reduced working hours
  • Give you lifestyle choices, such as travelling while you still can
  • Alterations to your house to make it work for you, such as adding wheelchair ramps
  • Employ home help, if needed
  • Cover the cost of targeted treatment for conditions such as cancer
  • Help you de-stress, which is not only good for your mental health, but can also significantly aid medical recovery!

*As specified in your policy document