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The bills don’t stop plan

The “The bills don’t stop” plan (Income protection)

While the idea of taking a sudden holiday would be quite appealing to a lot of us (anyone else dreaming of the Pacific Islands right now?), being left with no income certainly isn’t – after all, the bills don’t stop just because your income does! The income you have yet to earn is generally considered your greatest financial asset and for most people, our future lifestyles depend on our capacity to earn. This makes it vital that your income is protected.

“The bills don’t stop” plan means that although you won’t be earning your full income*, you can ensure that should you not be able to work, you will have cash flow to go towards your bills. Mortgage Income Protection can also be used to protect only your mortgage payments rather than your total income. Don’t lose your home, personal assets, or your standard of living.

You might be keen for a chance to ditch work, but losing your income is no holiday!

*As specified in your policy document